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Sometimes the Simple Solutions Are the Most Elegant

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While it may seem like a childhood play time activity to wrap something around your finger until it goes numb, this simple procedure proves a safe, quick and inexpensive way to remove a ring from a swollen finger. 

I love coming across simple solutions to otherwise tricky problems like this. We often tend to overcomplicate our issues, but often times the best solutions are the simplest!

One step closer to Star Trek

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While not a conventional “tractor beam”, scientists have created an array that enables “Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation”. In other words, it uses sound to move small objects around in the air. It looks like we’re making good progress to have tractor beams in use by the year 2159 (when they’re widely used in the Star Trek universe). Oh, did I mention I’m a Star Trek nerd? Well now you know a bit more about us.

The start of something beautiful

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Having worked together on various projects throughout the years, Shawn and I decided to make it official and start this company together. We are each bringing our own complimentary skills and talents to the table, but we share a few key fundamental ideals:
  • Produce excellent work
  • Deliver projects quickly
  • Innovate within budget
  • Ensure client satisfaction
  • Become a trusted resource to our clients by being overall great guys!
Check out our About Us page to see who you’ll be working with.

This is the start of something beautiful.

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