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Sometimes the Simple Solutions Are the Most Elegant

| Innovation | No Comments

While it may seem like a childhood play time activity to wrap something around your finger until it goes numb, this simple procedure proves a safe, quick and inexpensive way…

When dance meets new media

| Innovation | No Comments

I recently stumbled across a fantastic blend of dance and multimedia.¬†Nobuyuki Hanabusa¬†has created and directed these well timed routines that are a welcome innovation to both dance, and performance art….

One step closer to Star Trek

| Innovation | No Comments

While not a conventional “tractor beam”, scientists have created an array that enables “Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation”. In other words, it uses sound to move small objects around in the…

Motorola Innovates in Print

| Innovation | No Comments

It’s expensive, but it’s cool! In Motorola’s new print ad, they have enabled people viewing the ad to interactively change colors of the phone on the page. I always enjoy…